Always Get Your Money's Worth in Digital Marketing

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

-John Wanamaker, American department store and marketing pioneer, (1838–1922)

When entrepreneurs and marketers ask us whether digital marketing is worth it, we say yes. We don't say that because we had our own website before other companies came on the scene. We made mistakes that we now call 'learning experiences'. We say yes because it's effective. Its benefits are no longer in doubt. Most of our clients' hesitation is based on conservative notions and outdated data.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

While we can understand their apprehension, digital marketing's results are undeniable.Did you know that only 18 percent of TV advertising campaigns generate a positive ROI? In France, Coca-cola's cross media campaign saw online marketing increase sales by more than 25% with only 2% of the budget.

Additionally, online marketing can provide accurate, granular data.You can track your returns from different digital avenues. You know which ones are effective and worth reinforcing, and which require tweaking.

There are three main ways of onlinemarketing and a variety of methods to improve returns.

Social media. Too few followers? Very low engagement? Try a friendlier and more responsive approach with regular posts of mouthwatering meals or exclusive promotions. Invest in your content strategy to create campaigns that appeal to your followers' tastes.


Website. With Google analytics, you can check out how many people visit your site every day. If it's not achieving your target numbers, maybe your website needs to be redesigned or it needs to incorporate an SEO strategy to improve your search ranking.

Email. Are your emails being treated like spam? Personalize them to your audience by presenting targeted contentthat would encourage your diners to return for seconds. Email analytics can tell when it's effective by showing if and when the email was opened and if the reader was intrigued enough to follow the link back to your site.

Discover how much information you can use to track consumer behavior online download our guide and introduction to social media here or read about how we helped our clients measure their success here.

Don’t be afraid to invest into digital marketing. Trust in the numbers and the people who know its ins and outs to get your money's worth.